The second installment of Aika's SELF-COVER series will go on sale soon!!
Continuing the tradition set in her U.S./Japan debut album, "Shadows of Dreams" released last January, the release of her long-awaited 2nd album, "Secret Garden" has been set for December 4th! Like her last album, this album also has many tracks with a different sound approach to the originals, and all the songs are covered in English! Songs writing by Aika for other artists like Mai-K's "Reach for the sky" and Rina Aiuchi's "Close to your heart" will be on the album.
Plus, there are special guest vocal appearances by Mai-K in the song "The Frozen Sea" and by Rina Aiuchi in "Love is a thrill, shock, suspense" and "Close to your heart."

2nd Album, "Secret Garden" On sale December 4th, 2002
Serial number: GZCA-5024 Retail price: 3,059 yen (including tax)
With 3 bonus track remixes and liner notes